Oct 29, 2010

Art. For. Abby. Update

Thanks to the generous donations of friends and family, the art. for. abby. campaign has reached 1/3 of its goal of $2,000 for Abby's incredible ministry with OM in Africa!

Abby will be returning to the U.S. in one week. Help us reach our goal before she returns to Africa in early 2011!

Here's how you can help:

1) Make a donation through cash, check, or card
2) Tell a buddy about it
3) "Share" the blog or Facebook page
4) "Follow" the blog

Thanks for your interest! It's weird art with a good cause.

1 comment:

  1. Red, Black, White, And Deja is so intricate (!!), there is a lot to appreciate about it, but I love the use of words the most. Words are sooo beautiful, especially when sketched into a piece of art. A Storm is extra intricate and beautiful too. I like that it starts on a brick wall and just gets deeper and deeper and... = ) Yet the simplicity of the Victorious Death is profound in its own rugged right—I have a strong liking for it.

    I Hear the Music is my other favorite. I love the strong themes provided through nature—roots being one of these particularly strong themes. And how often do we really consider the roots of music? Whose stories and what messages are being portrayed in the instrumentals and the lyrics? The roots go much deeper than the Bilboard charts.

    The Shattering is sweet too. The yellow colors make all of the details seem approachable.
    I like Saturated because the shades are pretty. = )