Oct 6, 2010


Many of these pieces represent hundreds of hours worth of attempting to make legit and unique works of art. It's exciting to make these available to whoever is interested!

KitchenerArt.blogspot.com will be giving 100% of the profits from art donations to Abby until she has reached $2,000 for her ministry with OM. At that point, the blog will change from "art. for. abby." to another title and pursue assistance of another ministry.

The suggested donation price is just a suggestion, but keep in mind that $2 goes toward covering expenses. The "Original" price is fixed. For those wanting multiple pieces, just make one payment and let me know through Facebook or email what other ones you want.

Art will be printed in high quality, placed in a protective covering, signed, numbered individually, and shipped weekly!

Donation Options:
1) Credit Card or PayPal - Click on the "Donate" button below each art piece (a receipt will be emailed to you)
2) Cash or Check (made payable to "Paul Kitchener") - Send to the following address along with indication of which art piece(s) you want:

Paul Kitchener
474 Black Feather Loop #415
Castle Rock, CO 80104

To bless Abby without an art purchase, go HERE. Her missionary code # is 2239617.

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